Not processing new temperature set point request?

Hi Intveltr

I have created a new page for my HRT4-ZW, but when I make a change it does not seem to get processed ?

When I check the dashboard it is still the old version.

As I know you have a few of these units, do you have any thoughts on why this is happening ?

I’ll blame Vera for that :slight_smile: The setpoint displayed in the UI is not tightly linked to the setpoint transmitted to the Thermostat.

What happens:

  1. HomeWave asks Vera to transmit a new setpoint to the thermostat. Nothing happens in the Vera UI
  2. The thermostat wakes up and gets the new setpoint. At this point, Vera still shows the same setpoint (I think)
  3. The thermostat wakes up again. Only at this point is the new setpoint sent back to Vera, and is now displayed in the UI as well.

So, it just takes a while

Thanks Intveltr, so if the wake up is set to 512, then it could be upto 1024 seconds before it’s shown on the UI. Good to know, thanks…