Not getting it right... no motion in time

Hi All,

I have some difficulties to get a PLEG condition working.

What’s not working:
(NotMotion3, NotMotion4; NOW > 15:00)

What I want:
If no motion is detected on NotMotion3 and NotMotion4 in 15 minutes then condition is TRUE

What is best way to accomplish this behavior?

Two Solutions:
AnyMotion = Motion3 || Motion4 (With Repeats Checked)
NoMotionFor15 (AnyMotion; NOW > 15:00)

NoMotionFor15 (Motion3; NOW > 15:00) AND (Motion4; NOW > 15:00)


What you had says
that if Motion3 is followed by Motion4, then the next evaluation of NOW that is 15 Minutes after Motion3 will cause it to be true!

A semi-colon separated sequence expression is true when:
All of the conditions are in the specified ORDER
And the Delta time from the first even to the last event meets the specifications (if provided).


I will go for solution 1, because I undertood that the NoW function takes more memory and processor capacity, am I right?

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