Noob: VeraLite or Vera3?

I have a home addition under construction and ordered several ZWave items (lock, thermostat, light switches) that I intend to use. I believe I’ll be buying VeraLite, but want to make sure I shouldn’t be buying Vera3 instead. I will be using my existing Wifi and don’t anticipate ever having more than 25 devices hooked up. Will VeraLite work for this?

Also, am I right in thinking that VeraLite replaces the need for use of the Schlage bridge that came with my lockset?


You question has been asked many times. So there is a good amount of information regarding the difference between Vera 3 and Vera Lite and which to get. But to answer your question, Vera Lite should be plenty. If you have no need for the extra ethernet ports, wifi and the extra 64MB of ram, than the Vera Lite should work well. The Vera Lite has 64MB of ram (double that of Vera 2) and performs pretty fast. I am using one as a test bed for plugin creation and testing other devices. I currently use a Vera 3 for my main controller which operates a large amount of devices and plugins.

  • Garrett

Great. What about the last question? Do I substitute Schlage’s bridge with VeraLite or are they both needed?

Thanks for the reply Garrett & sorry that I didn’t run across one of the similar posts earlier.

No need for the schlage.

  • Garrett