Noob User

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to trial iRules but have given up for two reasons.

  1. Too bloody complicated to get started
  2. It looks like it is going end-of-life after Kramer have bought them out - they won’t want the competition

I’ve looked at perhaps half a dozen different other control programs for my Vera Plus home system (testing VeraMate but not satisfying the all-devices option) and ALT UI is by far a much better experience for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge or experience. I have managed to write websites back in the day using Dreamweaver and Front Page (that’s how long ago!) so have a basic grounding is some stuff to do with CSS etc but that its mainly limited to actually knowing what they mean rather than using them in anger.

So far, I’ve managed to attached some controls to some elements and even figured out how to get a transparent background to a custom page but I’m struggling with some of the absolute basics and looking for help so I can properly evaluate this application with a view to getting a full license if it can do what I want it to do without paying someone a load of money to create some interfaces.

So, what have I got?

Vera Plus
RFXtrx Transmitter
Honeywell Connected (Evohome)
Philips Hue
Lightwave RF (large selection)
Z-Wave (a few items)
Harmony Remote (LOVE that plugin, solves massive communications issues and the reason I got Vera)

At the moment, I’ve managed to do some controls for the Philips Hue (slider dimmer) and an Aeotec 6-1 sensor (gauge measuring humidity) and still learning but what I can’t figure out for the life of me is how to set the home page to one of my custom pages and get rid of the menu at the top. If the menu disappears after licensing then I can live with that but I really want a clean interface with no menu items or options for the devices I’ll be using day-to-day and the menu items to be there when I’m configuring on my MAC.

Control wise I have:

Mac Mini
iPhone 7
iPad Air 2
iPad Pro (12.9")

If i need to create custom pages for each then that is fine. I can use the iOS “add to home page” link method.

So can anyone willing to help me get a kickstart on this, I’m really keen to evaluate it to it’s full potential?

I use VeraMate for status and control. The main page is set up exactly how I need it. I also use PLEG for automation. Complicated to learn but very powerful.

Figured out the home page selector, it’s in the Plugin settings on Vera.

yes plus the lean mode on the url should enable you to have a direct url, opening the custom page you want and without menu. you can even save several of such urls on your home screen to open different rooms.

not sure if you tried the new MyHome feature of the latest version v2185 with the interactive search in the navbar. that also could prove useful

feel free to ask for more support. I personally use ALTUI & workflows.