[Noob Help] Create Scene: IF >Sunset AND <Sunrise AND trigsensor --> Lamp ON?


I just bought a Vera 3 and playing with it. I connected some devices with success.

My (Noob) questions are:

1 - How can I create a scene which switches a lamp ON when activated by a Moving_Sensor between Sunset and Sunrise?

2 - How can I switch off all lamps in a room when 1 lamp is switched of manually?
(IF all lamps are on AND one lamp is switched off THEN switch of all lamps in a room)

Please, help me out to get this fired up…

Thanx in advance!

Hi headfull,

For #1 you can do it with a third-party plugin (“app”) called the Combination Switch. It’s free to dowload. More info here. Your scenario is described step-by-step here. Perhaps try to get some simpler scenes working first, so that you get used to the Vera3 interface (“UI5”).

For #2 you could also use the Combination Switch. This specific scenario hasn’t been discussed before. Let us know how you get on with #1 first.

Thanx for your explanation, it’s highly appreciated!

I will try your solution and will report the progress. ;D

You can also do it without a switch. Set up a scene with the movement sensor as trigger, then add the following code in the LUUP tab of the scene:

if (luup.is_night()) then return true else return false end