non zwave motion sensor could act over vera lite?

Hi, I don?t know if it?s possible to implement what I?m going to describe…
I want some motion sensors that activate lights at front and back of my house. The idea is that if the sensor detects motion at the back of the house and turn the lights on, I couldn?t see them on if I?m for example in my room, so somebody could be at my backyard and I won?t notice it.
Regarding the problems with the zwave sensors with false trips, my thoughts are:
place hard wired PIR and lights, but somehow make them, for example, turn on my side bed light connecting them to any receiver that vera lite recognises.

Is that possible or is there other way?


It just came to my mind place near the lights a light sensor which will light my side bed light when it detects more than the preconfigured amount of light…

Could work, right?