No more Android push notifications?

Not sure how many days but maybe in the last week i no longer get them. Cleared data, reinstalled app to no avail.
Have had sporadic issues in the past and usually clearing data or app install fixes it.
Anybody else have issues?

Hi there, @aschnell

We’re looking at this as we speak. It might be an issue from our side which we’ll try to confirm and get it sorted ASAP.
I’ll keep you posted.

Same problem here.

Is it working for someone?

Same problem here also. Went through the same stuff. deleted app reinstalled. This is important since I get notified when someone opens my front door lock. Now I have to rely on another system to keep me secure. FIX IT

Hi everyone. This was a server side issue which should have been resolved now.
Has anyone had any issues recently?

Thank you.

My issue of not getting any messages seems to have been resolved. Now if I can stop getting online/offline messages and random messages from my second Vera plus it would be even better.

I’m happy to hear about this.

This should be resolved in the current 7.29 BETA, and the upcoming final version.

Problem solved.
I had to login again on the Android app and started receiving notifications again.

FYI still getting these messages.

I’m sorry to hear about this.

I’ve given a heads-up to our Customer Care team in regards to your existing ticket with us.

So new and improved app now crashes and on top of it no notifications once again. Tried clearing cache, no help.

Anybody there? My notifications unfortunately did not magically fix themselves.

Hi there, please try the latest Beta and let us know how this works.

I am a beta tester and that’s the version that broke things.

Yet another beta and no push notifications. Cleared data, reinstalled app etc and no push notifications. The alerts show up in the app on the pull down alert shade when i open it after the fact or if i have the app open when i close the door (i am looking to get a door closed push notification).

The LIVE version which should be available as we speak should address the notification issue.

They admit to an issue with push notifications and Android 9 now. Got their test push messages, they are debugging so that is good. Hopefully get notifications back again sometime soon.