No luck setting up.

Hi there, have a computer running the Concierge service and can access the URL internally. I have windows firewall disabled and ports forwarded so I can confirm from the outside i can hit the Concierge server on the 2 TCP ports.

On my discovered devices i see my vera and IP Address shows LAN IP (no ports are forwarded to Vera as i use the relay)

I test connectivity and errors out. I have a paid license by the way. I hit Custom Settings and it shows real data from my vera (that seems to be ok)

Under the Google Home/Cast Devices my Google Home Mini never shows up, its on the same subnet and i’m not sure why its not working. Is there a way to force or set the IP?

Concierge Version: 2.023

Under my android phone when I setup the vera concierge it goes “linking your vera” then error: Couldn’t update the setting.

Can I please have some assistance? what am I missing?

See this topic

Topic: “Google has temporarily removed the Concierge Agent!”

dang, do we have any other options?

Buy an alexa :smiley:
I’m sure Richard will get this all straightened out. We just need to be patient

Figured out my issue. My computer has HyperV installed so I had a secondary ethernet card for my virtual network. In total I had 2 active ethernet adapters.

VC seemed to only pickup the IP of the virtual adapter which was a totally different subnet. I disabled the adapter (didn’t need it) and restarted the service.

Instantly everything started to work! on the local VC site it showed the proper IP and subnet of the server.

Hope this helps someone in a similar situation.