No e-mail or push notifications from Vera plus

Over the last couple of days I have not gotten any e-mail or push notifications from my Vera plus. I checked the status page and it shows green for push and e-mail. Nothing has changed on my controller. Is there possibly something down but not being accurately reported?

You are not alone. All notifications stopped a few days ago for me as well.


We are currently investigating, we’ll try to replicate the issue and let you know what’s the outcome of the tests.

Any updates?

Notifications are still not working. Please provide an update on when they will be back.

Sure would be nice to get this fixed in timely manner.

I got a response from support, they’ve confirmed a cloud issue with the notification service and they are currently working to resolve it.

Looks like notifications are working but e-mail is still not.

Any updates on e-mail?

Hello, We are still experiencing a cloud-side issue with the mobile app and this is causing that error with the notifications. The team is already working on it and we expect to fix it ASAP.

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