Nfc Tags Idea

Just played around with some NFC tag’s I had lying around used the Imperi app to launch the front porch webcam via nfc. I then went place the tag near door. First on plaster stood out to much for me to bare, next on the actually switch whites did not much enough.

Me and mate had idea of covering NFC tags in plaster in wall but I wasn’t ready to destroy a wall tonight haha.

I then had an idea took the cover of my slimline Clipsal switch plates and stuck it to the inside.
Works extremely well and completely hidden.

One suggestion could you add a option for a second command to trigger perhaps a Vera scene. ie to turn porch light on for x mins.

Is it possible to do this already by editing the NFC tag manually or using another NFC app?
I have NFC launcher, Tasker and llama atm but haven’t found a way yet…

I think you can call scenes directly from within tasker without having to use another app since scenes can be executed with this directly through the mios servers:

Then in Tasker you create a new task. Then you add a new action, browse to “net” and the choose “http get”. In the line Server:Port you add “”. In the line Path you add “/mios_user/mios_pw/vera_id/data_request?id=lu_action&serviceId=urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1&action=RunScene&SceneNum=scene_number”.

Of course you have to replace mios_user, mios_pw and vera_id by your data.

When you now start this task the scene will be executed on the vera. Now you only need to create nfc tags which allow you to execute a tasker task.

I am not sure if this is what you were looking for, but maybe it helps.

does it matter what NFC tags I get? Are they all the same?

There are different versions cant remember off the top of my head. Think there is about 4 of them, just google your phone for what nfc tags it uses. Then read up on NFC tags to pick what you need most stores that sell them online explain how they work.

Think I got about 7 for under 10 dollars delivered…

I use NTAG203 NFC tags. They work with NFC Task Launcher and my app pretty well.

  • Garrett

Hi there,

We tried both Mifare NTAG and Mifare ultralight and they both work well.

Javelin : About your suggestion of having 2 actions performed (watch cam + launch scene), that’s not something you can do right now with imperihome, but we noe thinking about that. However, as chixxi suggested, as a workaround there is probably a way of automating this with Tasker (tasker knows how to do http get and probably knows how to launch shortcuts (not tested) ?



Just make sure you buy tags that are compatible with your phone. A newer phone like Samsung Galaxy S4 is not compatible with older 1K mifare tags for example. Check your phones NFC chip for compatability.

Guess I 'll go hide in the corner, my wonderful :stuck_out_tongue: Iphone5 cant play with NFC