NFC tag switches dashboard view to list view

I’m trying to configure a NFC tag in Emperihome.

This works but only in the list view (in the context menu of the dashboard view this option is not available which took me some time to find out…).

As such not a big issue. But if you use the tag in Dashboard mode it causes Imperihome to switch to list view.

Is this a bug and/or can you avoid this somewhere? I don’t want the nexus to go out of Dasboard mode.


Thank you for your message.
Well, it’s not really a bug but rather a missing feature.

Today, NFC tags in ImperiHome can be used to open a group (which is a list view notion). Whatever the view in which you are when you scan the tag, it will do what you configured it for: open a group of the list view.

We have an item in our TODO list to use a NFC tag to open a dashboard page.

Thank you for your patience.

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The ImperiHome Team

Thanks for your answer.

Just to explain my preferred behaviour; only execute the scene/device the NFC tag has been assigned to and do nothing with the interface (it simply stays where it is/was before reading the tag).