Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2021-Nov-1

Hello all,

We continue with our posts with newly integrated devices on Ezlo Platform.

Here you can see the newly integrated Zigbee devices :

Manufacturer Device Type Model Number
Enbrighten GE In-Wall Smart Switch ZB4003
3A Smart Dimmer Light Switch NUE-ZB4D1W
Philips White and Color A19 Medium Lumen Smart Bulb 563254
Philips White Dimmable Filament ST19 LED Smart Vintage Edison Bulb ‎551788
Leviton Dimmer ‎DG6HD-1BW
Sylvania Smart Plug 72922
Linkind Plug and 1-Key Remote Control Kit ZS1000210-IN-US-V1A02
Linkind LED BR30 ZL100050004

Here you can see the newly integrated Z-Wave devices :

Manufacturer Device Type Model Number
Yale Push Button Deadbolt YRD216-ZW2-619
HomeSeer Leak Sensor HS-LS100+
EcoNetControls Valve Robot EVC200-HCSML
Neo Power Plug NAS-WR02
NEO Coolcam Light Switch 3 Buttons -
NEO Coolcam Light Switch 2 Buttons -
Zooz Scene Controller ZEN32
Schlage Smart Deadbolt with alarm BE469ZPV CAM 716
Kwikset Smart Code 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock 99160-021
Kwikset Motor-driven deadbolt latch 99100-065
iBlinds motor smart IB3.0-ZWU

For the full list of devices that are integrated with Ezlo platform you can always check
-Z-Wave Full List
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We keep all of these pages up to date with whole lists :slight_smile:


Good to see the Kwikset 916 on the list. Will try,it again.