Newbie struggling with changes operator

Hi, I have just discovered Reactor and I’m loving it: thank you so much. However, I am struggling with the CHANGES operator. I am using it to detect when a door closes so am looking at


ie I want the condition to trigger when the door closes,

However the condition seems to be true and stay true when the tripped state is 0, irrespective of whether it has CHANGED to 1 from 0 and been subsequently reset.

I have played around a lot with FALSE and TRUE states etc. but I just cannot get this to act as a pulse condition. Can someone help me understand what I’m doing wrong?

You can set a pulse condition by clicking the cevron, there is a pulse and delay reset options.

I tried that. I set the Pulse option to two seconds but at the end of the two seconds the condition is still TRUE and reports as having been true since the trigger time

You generally don’t need the changes operator for binary states. The is TRUE operator fires when the state changes from false to true, and the is FALSE operator fires when the state changes from true to false.

In fact, all Reactor conditions trigger when the state changes to the target state. Everything is about changes, always. The purpose of the changes operator is to detect specific transitions in value, like from 1 to 4. It’s kind of redundant for the binary stuff.

You also pop out the word “pulse” but you don’t mention why you want a pulse, etc. Please go and read the posting guidelines for this category. There’s a lot missing from your post that’s required.

My apologies. I didn’t think it was a logic issue but an understanding of the OPERATOR. However, no excuse for not fully reading and following the guidelines. I’ll go away, regroup (with the helpful information you’ve given) and post again if need be. Thank you for your patience.

You’re fine, but you need to at least publish a logic summary. You’ve sort of explained what you are doing and why what’s happening isn’t meeting your expectations, but then the pulse output kind of comes from left field and makes me think there’s an aspect of this you haven’t yet communicated. You just need to round out what you’ve provided so far. Start by going to the Tools tab of your ReactorSensor, finding the “Logic Summary” link in the Troubleshooting section, and posting the output here (instructions for posting are in the output). And also tell us where pulse fits in the equation.

BTW, have you watched the introductory videos?

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