Newbie question for Trane thermostat events

I just received my Vera2 a few days ago and installed my Trane thermostat. I am trying to figure out how to send a notification to my email when the temperature exceeds a setting (let’s say 80 degrees).
I set up a scene called “Temp”
Within the scene there is an event called “Hot!”
Device under the event is “Upstairs thermostat”
Event Type: “Temperature goes above”
Name for event: “Hot!”
temperature: 80 degrees
I then have the “notify users” box checked and my username.
I don’t have any commands.
I saved the scene. This notification never triggers, so I figure I am doing something wrong in the setup. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
Austin, TX

I don’t have the answer, but I’m trying to set up a home monitoring system for our family cabin which includes temperature alerts (although for cold weather). I was wondering if some or all of the Z-wave thermostats could perform this function, namely reporting current temperature and alerting on a specified temperature threshold. I hope someone will answer your query soon since I’ll need to figure out how to do this once I get started.


I haven’t had a lot of luck on temperature alerts. Was getting a lot of false reports…

see this old thread

It was reported as a bug and closed as unable to reproduce… however many have had this problem…

Haven’t tried any more alerts since that original post…

Thanks Les. I saw that thread, and saw that it had been closed. Was hoping it was resolved. ???
My problem may even be more basic than that, unlike your situation I don’t receive any alerts at all for the temperature event.

Have you gotten any events/scenes to work with your thermostat (aside from notifications)?

I sort of gave up. I’ll play around a bit and see what happens these days.

I am running UI2 .994

Maybe if others can reproduce this ‘again’ we can get a bug opened on it again.