Newbie needs help with PLEG basics

I’m learning the very basics of PLEG, and other then the PDF provided on the forum I can’t seem to find much help on learning it. I have set up triggers, conditions, and actions but it’s not doing what I need.

Example: I have two doors both with contact sensors (tSide_DoorC and tGarage_DoorC) I have the PLEG for when either of those are opened the lights come on (works fine). The problem I have is these doors are about 10 feet apart so I need a timer added for when both are closed it waits about 30 seconds before the lights go off as long as both doors STAY closed.

Any help would be appreciated.

You should post under the PLEG sub-forum under plug-ins.

You will want to start a 30 timer (AKA schedule) when the doors close.

If you want to post a PDF of the status report in that sub-forum, we can take a look and make suggestions…

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