Newbie needing guidance on using Vera Alerts

Hi everyone,

I’ve read the forums and looked at Richard’s guidance on using Vera Alerts, but I’m new to Vera and have UI7 and I’ve found a lot of the instructions/screenshots refer to maybe UI5/6? as many of them refer to advanced tabs that simply aren’t there in UI7. I think I’ve set everything up OK as I can send myself a test message using android phone TTS but I can’t seem to set anything up for normal action’s e.g when front door is opened to say “Front door open”. I’ve found the basic LUA code on Richards page for the command but can someone explain where I’m suppose to put it? I’ve tried the 2 different places for LUA in scenes - still not sure what the difference is in those anyway?!) screen shots would be really helpful!. i’d be happy to create a scene, but then can’t find VeraAlerts in the devices list (and I know someone else explained this but I don’t have the tabs they are referring to either!)

Any help appreciated - need it in easy language though as I’m not a techy person at all, but learning!


A couple of things:

  1. All the tabs are there on UI7, you might need to scroll down on the device page.
  2. Go to the “Settings Page” for Vera Alerts Plugin
    Make Sure “Process Notifications” is checked.
  3. For Each User on Lower Left of Settings. (At least two: default, and your Vera Login User. More if you have more than one Vera Login account for the Vera)
    Associate a Vera Alerts Profile. (Lower Right of Settings)
  4. Look at the report on the Control Tab … that will show what notifications are setup … and how.
  5. To setup a notification:
    a) Goto the Device … i.e. your Front Door
    b) Goto the Notification Tab for that Device.
    c) Create the desired notification … Send to one (or more) User Accounts (These are Vera user account(s)).
  6. After you add/remove/change any Notification you must go to the “Notification Configuration” tab.
    This goes out and finds all of the new/modified notifications so that Vera Alerts can act on them.
    It is also where you can override the default message associated with the Notification.

When a device notification gets triggered … it calls the Vera Alerts Plugin, indicating the Vera User to send the notification to. The Vera Alerts Plugin uses the “User to Profile” association from the Vera Alerts Plugin settings page to decide which profile(s) to use to send the alerts.

You will probably want to turn OFF the email and sms notifications on your Vera Account … but you do not have to!

Thanks. That’s helpful. I’ve got tts to work in scenes now so I will have another look at the notifications route.

One thing I’ve notice though is it works 100% of the time I am at home but when I’m not, I sometimes miss notifications or there is no tts. It’s not just vera alerts but the vera app aswell. Between the 2 apps I seem to get most things but it is a bit unnerving. Any idea why this might be happening?

If you are loosing both apps it sounds like your Vera is loosing internet connectivity at times.

How do you select which alert tone is used for an alert???

I have also been asking how to select separate sounds for each alert, no answer yet.
I’m starting to believe that it’s not even possible.

The author of the Alerts plugin is on this thread. I’m sure he’ll chime in when he sees this…