newbie configuration questions for mixed system

I’m looking to start with some basic home automation and security and then slowly add more. The problem is that I can’t seem to find everything I’m looking for in one single system so the Vera Lite seems to be my best bet since it indicates that it also works with X10 and Insteon.

Whatever system I go with I am looking to start with these components (if possible):

Eventually I would also like to add thermostat, light controls, pool controller (to turn on/off pump), wireless ip cameras, door locks, motion sensors, etc. but to start we want to make sure my grandfather doesn’t fall or burn down our house!

IF I understand correctly I think I can use all three technologies with the vera lite by adding INSTEON powerlinc ( Is that correct? Do I need anything else? I’m somewhat computer savvy but I’m not a programmer so please let me know if I’m attempting something too complicated! I’m also open to alternate suggestions on products to use. It seems like there are lots of options to turn lights on and off but not many for monitoring to make sure house doesn’t burn down or flood! Any assistance is appreciated :slight_smile:

I prefer to use all zwave products…I think is best way to control and manager all.

Is there z-wave smoke detector available? I would love to stick with one system but I can’t seem to find everything I am looking for in z-wave.

True ! I do not find that too in USA.lets wait for somebody else.