Newbie cant get sensor to turn on Dimmer

I have been trying for hours to do what i though would be a simple task but having difficulties.
I have a vista 15P alarm panel, vera3, and a GE dimmer switch working with. I have created a scene to turn on a living room light when a sensor (zone 2 Kitchen door) is tripped. Its just not happening.
I can get notifications and i can turn on and off the lights in Vera but the lights does not come on when the door opens. Pls help.



Both messages in the status window don’t look promising?

I Just found my problem, My AD2USB adapter baud rate had changed and I didnt realize it. took me about 8 hours to figure it out.
Now my next task to to figure out schedules. :slight_smile:


this vista 15P is fully compatible with vera3 ? do you have a link for shop on line this product ?

I am searching for something like that to disparate events in vera3 by arming sensors…

thanks for help

Sorry I don’t it was already at my house.