Newbie: 3 questions...

I have a few questions I was hoping someone can provide answers to…

  1. What is “armed”/“disarmed” for? Is it for setting scenes based on the state of the device? I have a smoke/CO2 sensor with an armed switch and a motion detector and a door/window sensor also with an armed switch.
  2. My Vera Plus seems to have lost connection with one of my GE bulbs (can’t detect device). Is there a way of reconnecting it without deleting and setting it up all over again?
  3. I have a motion sensor that I connected using the generic zigbee profile. It connected and is recognized as a motion detector but it has been “waited for device to wake up to configure” for a long time (although the sensor is actively lighting up when it detects motion). What should I do to get this finalized?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

  1. Armed is a status term meaning the controller will send you notifications if tripped while armed. You can set up these notifications in the modes section.

  2. You can try restoring a working previously saved backup of the controller when the GE bulb was working.

  3. Try calling tech support on that one.