New Z-Wave products in Australia

Finally some serious Z-Wave stuff is turning up on the Australian frequency. Up till now we only really had the Aeon Labs stuff, but none of these look like theirs. Does anyone recognize these items as rebranded versions of stuff sold elsewhere in the world? It’ll help me to search the forum for information about how well they integrate with Vera.

4-button LED Wall Switch

Multi sensor

Z-wave plug in switch

Z-wave Schlage keypad lock

Z-wave PIR and motion sensor

Z-Wave Smart Energy monitor

On another note, I’m pleased to see that they are now starting to sell Vera2 units with the AU frequency Z-wave chip on-board. A mite cheaper than using a separate dongle.

(I’ve never bought from these companies; they are just the first to advertise this stuff for pre-order.)

The Multi Sensor looks like a HSM100.

The Smart Energy Meter is Aeon.

The appliance module and the second motion sensor look like Wintop/ stuff