New YouLess Plugin with LS120 support

I have created a new plugin for YouLess, now with support for both the LS110 and the LS120. It supports:

  • reading actuals (Watt & KWH)
  • reading S0 port (Watt & KWH), probably used for solar power. Optionally a child device is created for the readings on the S0 port.

Gas is not supported just yet, as I don’t have gas readings in my house, so if anyone could send me their actual output of the YouLess including gas (http://<youless-ip-address/a?f=j), I’ll add support for that as well.

As the plugin is still in beta, it can only be downloaded on Github:

This plugin is now an official release and also available on the app store. Enjoy!

I tried your plugin on my vera with the LS120 and it works, thanks for the effort!

  1. I noticed an issue:

I just configured the ip, nothing else, are there other things to configure?

  1. I have a password on my youless, but it was not recognised then, I had to make the password empty. option for password support available?

  2. I have a gasmeter connected and can send you the log you need, please let me know.

Regards, Paul

Hi Paul, thanks for the feedback!

The installation guide is in the github link above. Did you force a luup-reload after setting the IP-address?
The S0-device is (supposed to be) only created after setting ChildDeviceS0 to 1 in the advanced tab, did you set that?
Could you send me a screenshot of the variables in the advanced tab?

  1. Apparently something fails, even though the readings are fetched.
  • On which firmware are you?
  • Do you think you could send (private message) me the logging with the error in it? Best chance is after a luup reload.
  1. That sounds like a great improvement, I will work on that.

  2. It would be very helpful if you could send me the output of: http://<youless-ip-address/a?f=j
    With that info I should be able to add support for gas readings.

Hi Vinx,

I am not using S0, unclear naming of the device, I am using the P1 for power and gas, I am not using s0

  1. I was on FW 3.4.2 EL, changed it to 1.4.3 EL, but no change, still LUA error, see screenshots of the advanced tab below!

Aantekening 2020-01-14 115146|653x439 Aantekening 2020-01-14 115228 Aantekening 2020-01-14 115256
I will send you a log in pm, see no errors in there wrt your plugin
2. Great!
3. below is the output:
{“cnt”:" 23884,373",“pwr”:624,“lvl”:0,“dev”:"",“det”:“■”,“con”:“OK”,“sts”:"(34)",“cs0”:" 0,000",“ps0”:0,“raw”:0}

And I am using a vera lite on firmware 1.5.622, latest for this old controller

This is great! I hadn’t planned on adding UI5-support, but I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

The version on the Github link contains the patch for UI5. I’ll update the store version later when I’ve added gas support.