New VeraLite and firmware 1.6

I just received my VeraLite in the mail and in the process of setting it up. It is asking me to upgrade the firmware to 1.6, but based on all the threads with connectivity issues on third party apps, I want to hold off on upgrading at this time.

Is there any way that I can bypass that step on the initial installation and leave it at the current firmware version?

Can anybody help him?

I suggest emailing to find-out how to avoid up?grading to UI6.

It is my suspicion that this new Vera is already at UI6 and is wanting to update to a newer minor version firmware.

RexBeckett’s advice about contacting MCV support is best. But, if the interface you see has a green color theme, rather than a blue one, you already have UI6 and may as well do the update.

Thanks for all of the quick feedback. I didn’t think UI6 was official yet and was thrown a little off guard when I saw that it wanted me to upgrade to 1.6.

Do you know if they have released the documentation yet?