New Vera2 user problems from the start

Hi, Just got my Vera 2 here in the UK, I followed the quick start guide and plugged in my network cable into eth1 and into my o2 wireless router, zwave light lit as did the eth1 light, I then went to but got the message “Vera not found on your network”

I bought Vera as it was supposed to be that simple to set up so am pretty disappointed with it.

Any Ideas?


if you are on a new Vera2 with ui4 the you should be accessing i through not

Thanks, but why does it tell me in the quick start guide to go to! it even has a picture of that web page.

For something that boasts about it’s simplicity, it is very confusing.

Very tempted to return it!

UI4 was just released. The documentation is not very good right now but it is getting better. If you aren’t familiar or willing to learn a little bit of Lua scripting , in all honesty I would return it.

Have you tried accessing it at your local address to see what version you are on?