New User of Vera 2

I just got a Vera 2 today and when I log in and click on dashboard it says loading data and in the upper right corner it says Server Busy. Am I doing something wrong? :-[

Got it working ;D

Get used to those two messages. Whenever you make a change, adjust a scene, etc… you will go through that sequence. Its a good habit to get into to ‘save’ on a regular basis so that everything stays up tp date.

Yes, be patient with Vera, when she is busy it is best to walk away and let her finish. Don’t walk away for 1/2 the day, but don’t sit there and watch because you’ll probably grow impatient and try to restart the process.

There seems to be a trend in programming UI’s that the progress bar isn’t being used as much anymore. That may be because it is too difficult to implement or inaccurate, but a progress bar will at least tell you that there is something going on and that you are somewhere in the middle of it. If I walk away for an hour and I come back to see the progress bar hasn’t moved then I know there may be a problem and it might be frozen, but if I do the same thing and instead of a progress bar there is just some spinning bar/icon then I don’t know what is going on…should I restart or wait it out.

Typically I would give Vera 15-20 minutes to do her thing, unless you are doing a network heal which you may want to do overnight or while you are away at work because it will take hours.

I thought my Vera2 was dead trying to update the firmware. I don’t think i was giving it long enough to update the firmware… I left it run overnight and wallah! It came back from the dead.

Once your in the Dashboard how do you logout or is it not necessary? I will say that the buttons should be bigger.

I am trying add a simple timer scene for a lamp to turn on for today at a specific time but, when I go through the wizard or dashboard the light does not turn on. Am I doing something wrong?

Someone please help!