New to VeraPlus - Off to a rough start


I’m new to home automation, but not electronics or software. I have only 4 simple goals to start with:

1- integrate my new DSC 1864 alarm panel through Envisalink 4
2- Connect 3 Honeywell Wifi thermostats
3- Add several existing Belkin WeMo switches and new z-wave light switches and door locks.
4- Connect 8 outdoor HIKVISION (ONVIF) HD cameras

I started with the easy stuff but got nowhere:

  • Kwikset 910 z-wave door lock: within 7 feet of controller - paired, was super slow to respond and now showing “not responding”
  • Honeywell wifi thermostats - plugin doesn’t work and gives me an error: “HNYWL TCC: : Honeywell TCC Authorization passed, but no devices were found.”
  • HIKVISION IP cameras - no support for them and requires CGI url which I don’t see any support for – uses standard ONVIF protocol.

I know Vera is likely the right controller for the above goals/equipment. Am I too ambitious, or could there be something wrong with the VeraPlus?

Would appreciate any and all advice.

I can only really comment on the last goal: Connect 8 outdoor HIKVISION (ONVIF) HD cameras
I would not recommend using Vera directly with cameras. At least not with the Vera Edge or less, I’m not sure about the VeraPlus, but I’m assuming the same still applies. It’s better to use BlueIris for your cameras and use the plugin in Vera, if you still want to have them appear in there for some reason.


And a recent post,36222.0.html

Honeywell use new files here:;topic=30125.0;attach=28150

thank you so much. I will try the DSC setup.

Honeywell plugin still doesn’t work - even the latest version that you posted (which I already tried). I was able to get simple temperature readings from the thermostats by using the “Mobile” interface option, but set temperatures don’t show up, modes are all wrong (all say Auto) and changing temperatures has no effect. Was this plugin stable in the past or always sort of “in development”?