New to Vera - What's the best motion detector with Vera Lite?

Hi, I just bought a Vera Lite and I’m looking for a good/compatible IR motion sensor. I’ve read a lot of the posts here but can’t seem to find which of the many sensors do not have a lot of problems.

What is the most reliable one that can be paired with Vera Lite?

I’m mainly interested in one that does not present false triggers, and isn’t a headache to pair with Vera Lite and could be powered externally.

Thanks in advance.


The best ones are ones connected to an Alarm system that Vera has access to … They are by far better than any of the Z-Wave motion sensors.

I will leave others to rank the lower quality Z-Wave motion sensors.

Hey Richard,

Are there any z-wave compatible security systems that you’d recommend?

Like Yohan, I’ve been trying to solve the ‘motion detector’ question for some time. Everything I’ve read on the forms has been inconclusive. I’d consider integrating a security system if it’s going to be more accurate.

While not a Z-wave compatible system like you say the DSC power series seem to be the best supported around here.,44.0.html