new to Altsteon - help with FanLinc & 6-button KPL

I’m running a VeraLite and have just purchased/installed a FanLinc, 6-button KPL and PLM. I followed the instructions and was able to install Altsteon (using dev version from 2013-10-30 for electronic linking functionality) and get it up and running. I have been able to link and add the devices through the CLI.

Following this, I added both the FanLinc and KPL through the UI and although they both appear, neither is showing as a “device”. Each (3 devices for FanLinc - FL, FL(light), FL(fan)) appears with the blue “gear” icon only.

Prior to connecting the PLM to MiOS, I borrowed a friend’s Mac and used Indigo to configure toggle buttons etc. as per here: fanlinc_and_keypadlinc [Indigo Domotics].

Have I screwed up Altsteon by creating the hardlinks with Indigo? Should I be trying the non-dev version of Altsteon? If I do reset all the devices, can I emulate the “radio group” behaviour through Altsteon?

many thanks,

Have you refreshed your browser? If you got 3 devices, it sounds like it recognized it as a FanLinc.
You might need to quit/exit your browser, and reopen the Dashboard. Also, a reload of the LUUP engine might be needed.

Tried refreshing and restarting my browser. Even cleared the cache… didn’t work. I rebooted my VeraLite, still no luck. I think I’m going to try reseting my FanLinc and KPL to factory defaults, load the Alsteon 0.8 files and try again.

One question if I could… I have the 6-button KPL. Do I need to do the following to see the buttons? If so, what values should I be replacing with? The Insteon sheet says the two largest buttons (top/bottom) are 1/7 and the 4 middle buttons are 3-6.

AA.BB.CC enter_link_mode <BUTTON> plm start_all_link 0 <BUTTON>

Before you start over, make sure you have all the files uploaded. You can re-upload them if they already exist, won’t hurt anything.

And for each button you want, you would replace with 1, 3, 4, 5, or 6. So you would doAA.BB.CC enter_link_mode 1 plm start_all_link 0 1AA.BB.CC enter_link_mode 6 plm start_all_link 0 6

BTW: you won’t “see” the buttons in Vera. You will only see the scene controller. You can add events for “a scene is activated” or “a scene is deactivated” and that will correspond to each button.

Will do… and understood. Thanks!

Having said that, for KPLs, it’s might be better to use manual linking.

By manual linking, do you mean the hard links I already have working outside of MiOS (I programmed them through Indigo)?

Assuming this is the case, then theoretically I should see the FanLinc as a dimmable light and dimmable fan in the Vera UI. The KPL would show up as single dimmer… would I also see the associated scenes?

If the fan is manually linked to the 4 smaller buttons on the KPL, how would I activate it through luup? Would I call the KPL scene, or the fan device directly?

I mean manually link the KPL to the PLM. If you already created other links in HouseLinc, you might be able to figure out those links, and call them from the Advanced tab in Scenes, but that’s cumbersome.

That’s why I went and got an ISY instead. :-/

Fair enough… thanks!

I’m now further ahead than I was. I’ve got the FanLinc showing as a device in the Vera UI (with the light as dimmable and the fan having off, low, medium, high settings). I can control this through the use of scenes and events?awesome!

I also see my KPL with the title of “KeyPadLinc (Scene Controller)”. However, when I click on “the wrench” and look under “Scenes” there are none listed. My KPL is the Insteon Dual Band Keypad Dimmer 6 Button (part #2334-232). Did I do something obviously wrong below?

[code]FanLinc 11.11.11
KPL 22.22.22

  1. Upload all files via UI

  2. Upload 2x binaries via SCP. Add startup script to Lua

  3. From terminal, launch altsteon_cli
    Cmd : plm link_new_device 11.11.11
    ? wait for success
    Cmd : plm link_new_device 11.11.11

Cmd : plm link_new_device 22.22.22
? wait for success
Cmd : plm link_new_device 22.22.22

Cmd : add_device 11.11.11

Cmd : add_device 22.22.22

22.22.22 enter_link_mode 1
plm start_all_link 0 1
22.22.22 enter_link_mode 3
plm start_all_link 0 3
22.22.22 enter_link_mode 4
plm start_all_link 0 4
22.22.22 enter_link_mode 5
plm start_all_link 0 5
22.22.22 enter_link_mode 6
plm start_all_link 0 6
22.22.22 enter_link_mode 7
plm start_all_link 0 7

  1. Through UI, create device PLM

  2. Through UI, create device KPL (dimmer kpl)

  3. Through UI, create device FanLinc[/code]

That’s expected. Vera won’t populate the “Scenes” tab for most scene controllers.

To use it, create a scene, add a trigger for “scene is activated (or deactivated)” and use scene 1-5 corresponding to buttons 1-5 (of a 6 button KPL).

Perfect… I see it now. Thanks!