New Setup Material List Feedback

I have about 3-4 lights that I want to start out controlling. I see it growing to a few more and then perhaps to a thermostat later. I have pretty much decided that Z-Wave and the Mi Casa Verde Light will be my primary controller.

For light switches, I am leaning towards the

GE/Jasco On/Off Switch 45609 and the
GE/Jasco Dim Switch 45612

I also am planning on having at least 1 secondary wall controller. It appears if I want to stick with Z-wave, the Leviton’s VRCZ4-MRZ or VRCS4-MRZ are probably my only choices.

What are the difference between the:

VRCZ4 (zone) - appears to have discrete on and off button on the left/right side of each switch
VRCS4 (scene) - appears to have a “toggle” button for each switch

Is my characterization above correct?

I’ve read some threads about the VRCS4 compatibility issue with the Mi Casa Verde, is this a widespread problem? Does anyone know if the VRCZ4 has the same issues?

If I go with VRCS4, do I need to go with the “Z-Wave Scene compatible” switches because I don’t think the GE ones support “Instant Status” and “Z-Wave Scene” Class. Is this important for the secondary controllers that I want?

Do the wall controllers talk to the MiCaseVerde or do they talk directly to the switches?