New project: solar energy auto roller blind controlled with vera


I would like to share with you my initial thoughts regarding my next project and to get your suggestions and opinions.

I`m thinking to implement two automated roller blinds that will shut down automatically every night and open by the morning and shut down or open with the temperature on this room, all controlled by vera lite and a switch in the room and getting power from one battery that is charged by one or two solar panels.

The room in questions gets lots of sun, in winter it helps to that warm the house but in summer its too hot.

As Im in Portugal there is enough sun all year to make the solar option to work all year but has Im not and expert in electronics if it turns too expensive or complicated I can get power from a near socket.

I think I will need the following:

  • two roller blinds - any suggestions in order to get compatibility with existing motors?
  • one or two roller blind DC 12/24v motors, the two roller blinds will be 3 meters long and 2,5 meters high each, one motor can handle this? There is any mechanical way to use only one motor? If I use two motors what power and torque they should have?
  • one or two z-wave motor/roller blind controllers depending on the number of motors, any recommendation?
  • a z-wave switch in order to get some way manually control the blinds
  • a 12/24v battery in order to operate the blinds by night
  • one or two solar panels two charge the battery
  • wiring and a box to conceal the battery and the z-wave motor controller.

Please feel free to comment and recomend. Any suggestion on parts? Any project to share?

Best regards,
Pedro Viana

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How did you make out with this project?