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Is there a Wireless Lighting Control Lamp Module that I can replace the lights own on/off switch placed on the power cable? If the lamp’s own on / off switch is in off state it does not matter what the current lamp module tries to do.

That is basically what the lamp modules do. As far as the inline switch, yes it needs to be always on. The small on/off button on the lamp module becomes its switch and replaces the role of the in line toggle of the lamp.

As long as this is left on, the lamp module will appropriately turn the lamp on and off. alternatively you can remove the inline switch if people keep switching it off :slight_smile:

alternatively you can remove the inline switch if people keep switching it off
Good point!

you can also buy a “load sensing” lamp module- if you want the lamp’s on/off to be usable sometimes.

basically if the module is off and it senses that someone turns on the lamp then the module also turns on.

I use them on several lamps where we typically control the lamp locally but at rare times want them controlled remotely (as lamp timers on vacation for example- of if someone forgot to turn off i can shut them off from bed, etc)

They can get you fouled up though if someone shuts the lamp off locally but the lamp module is on. There will be power to the lamp and vera will think the lamp is on but since the lamp is locally off it’s still off.

To try and keep things from getting too crazy I set a scene in vera that at 1am it switches the load sensing lamp module to off. That way if someone shut the lamp off that evening with the lamp switch vera will also believe the lamp is off. The next day if someone turns the lamp back on with the lamp switch the load sensing unit will turn on and vera will know the lamp is on.

"load sensing" lamp module
Do you happen to have a link to such module on some homepage so I know what to order?

The GE plug-in dimmer module, for example. (But load sensing is not turned on by default.) As pointed out by @michaelk, this obviously doesn’t get you around folks switching the light off locally with the manual switch, but it can be useful to switch a light on.

Act and schlage are the same hardware as the ge. I have all 3 versions in my house. The act came with the feature on, get defaults off, I forget the schlage.

I think I’ve seen that old firmware of ge came with it on but ge thought it was too confusing sobshut it off. Not certain though.

You could build something to do the job using a zwave modue, and some fourcore mains cable - i’ve done this on a lamp that needed an inline switch, basically you have a small box near the plug with the module inside - the new fibaro ones are great for this as they toggle the on/off state via any ordinary switch, then using the four core cable connect the small inline toggle to the module, and then on to the lamp, (i rewired the lamp so that the cable thickness matched before and after the inline toggle).

You could get away with using 3 core if you dont need the lamp to be earthed, (depending on what zwave module you use.

The beauty of doing it this way is that it’s transparent to users, (wife!) the switch in the cable always works, and zwave always works and knows the correct state. You can do the same to rewire a lamp with a switch on it’s body, (although not where the switch is integrated in to the lamp holder.

You just solved my 2 main issues right now!
I googled it and they look amazing:

But where do I get this fibaro modules (in EU)? No word of price or availaility on their site.


Order is done! Now the hardest part. Waiting… :wink: