New problem popped up out of the blue

On return from vacation more than half my devices were missing in the dashboard. Added them back in and started getting odd behavior (turn on a kitchen light and bedroom light comes on).

I un-associated all devices , reset to factory defaults and reset z-wave network. Added all devices back and all the devices worked except the accessory switches (3-ways). I setup a groupID for each set of 3-way switches and set each master switch and accessory switches association ID. For some reason, the associations aren’t taking. They show up under the “device options” but the “view” field always stays -1. In the past, once the association is working, the “view” field shows the “set” Ids.

I’ve reset multiple times and now have just a single switch and remote switch on the network to try to figure out what is going on. Still not working.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ve contacted support too but they haven’t offered any solutions.

I think I fixed my problem. I’ve been resetting my unit from the menu selection in UI5. I just reset it using the physical reset button inside the unit.

Now my associations are working again.