New player - Animus Home

Hardware specification looks impressive. Another alpha product or the real deal?

If Vera don’t do something soon they will be left far behind. Hardware and software need a drastic overhaul in my opinion

Vera is already left behind. They have the hardware the system but no intentions or drive.

With that said this new Animus will suffer the same problems as Vera. Limited resources. All of these new “hubs” that are coming out are just like Vera but with better interfaces. They are small and constrained on resources. The bold claims of all the radios and supporting all the devices. Once the devices and automation rules grow to a point they too will fall over just like Vera. This is the one smart thing that SmartThings knew and understood and Wink as well. To meet the demands of users and all of their possible devices you need resources. CPU/Memory/Disk and IO speed. They achieved this by the apps running in the cloud. A little bitty hub isn’t going to cut it after dozens of devices and the little box starts slowing down or getting unstable. Then what do those hubs do when you hit hundreds of devices? They fall over.

well this one at least has superior-to-Vera hardware - and claims to be cloud independent :slight_smile:

Yet another hub… Many started, few are left. Cloud was indeed one way to address the processing power but it is difficult to find anything more underpowered than the vera. As I commented on another thread, I found out that my coffee machine, or my oven have more processing power and memory than the vera. I think in my house only my printer has a slower CPU and yet more memory. The fact that mcv are tied to Sercomm which makes these underpowered box does not give them a lot of choices. Looking at the Hubitat, it is effectively a cheap TV android ARM box with a USB Zwave stick which runs circles around the vera. Anything you can buy today will have superior hardware.

Or you take the Homeseer route and actually use PC hardware. My Hometroller SEL is a fanless PC. It’s not state-of-the-art but it is several times more powerful than a vera, has 8x the ram and 320x the storage.

It also costs 5x more than a veraplus. A good chunk of the cost is the hardware, but HS also takes a good bit for the software to cover the r&d and support. Which could explain why HS has been in business for @ 20yrs.

Imo, vera has trapped themselves at the bottom of the pricing landscape and is starving themselves. Or the rumors are correct and their consumer product is a customer-subsidized beta program for products destined non-retail markets. I can’t see how they can be making enough money to survive otherwise.

Fully agree the Hubitat box runs circles around Vera. It too faces the same issues as any “Hub”. Limited resources and a hungry user base. A “hub” solution has limited resources that never grow. However apps grows, devices grow, devices get more complex. Either they do like Vera and release a “New” hub every year or two that still doesn’t cut it resource wise (The vera resource limits are horrible and vera should be in shamed for it). Or the “hub” grows into a “solution” and becomes software that you then put on hardware capable of running the system. Then you have HomeSeer or Home Assistant or OpenHAB or Jeedom. Upside all the resources you can throw at it. Downside is either high cost or community based support. Yet community support is often as good or better than commercial.