New (noob) installation. I need a little help

I get the Family Safety Solution Package. Everything was good during the installation until I notices a very week signal. I move my system to make a straight line to one of the door sensors (at 42ft). Now Im trying to set the other one to the kitchen door (30ft but some concrete wall), but the system is unable to see it.

  1. Can I use the Plug In Dimmable Lamp Module as a range extender? Or any of the other devices in the package?
  2. I can make the PT camera to works. I can set it up, but is asking for a login/pass. So there is no image. Im using just admin as user but Vera UI is requesting for login/pass.
  3. I will sell the Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat ZTS-110… Im in Puerto Rico, don’t need it!!! Unless this can extend the range.



  1. Battery operated ZWave devices generally do not repeat (range extend). The rest generally do. So yes and yes.

  2. Have you created an account on the Micasaverde servers? ( That is the account credentials it is asking for.

  3. It probably will work as a repeater (assuming the thermostat is not battery operated).

Thanks aa6vh,
Now the camera is working. Reset button needs to be pressed for 20 seconds and the camera will auto reset. :slight_smile:

But for any reason I don’t have the same controls (patrol, stop and preset) as a Vistacam Camera. Working on it.

I will check if the camera extend the signal. If not I will add a Lamp Module.

I was very upset and frustrated. This kit is not cheap.

Thanks again!!!