New model will be released?

Hello. i tried to buy a vera 3 controller in my country,Portugal, and they don’t have it in stock ,and actually they can’t say when stock will back because its discontinued or out of stock at their supplier . in getvera website, vera 3 only is available in Australian version… so my question its: is about to be released a new version from VERA?? or why this out of stock on website and suppliers.

thanks. Greetings from Portugal/Europe.


Try, they are based in the UK but ship all over Europe and have the Vera 3 in stock. There has been rumours about a new vera controller for the best part of 18 months but as of yet nothing.



I reached out to vera support about 2wks ago and there is a new version coming out soon. They mentioned November but couldn’t give me an exact date. I am waiting until they release it to purchase my first vera.

I reached out as well and they said that it will only run UI7 :o

And towards the end of November they will say December…

[me=Z-Waver]Is it November again? Already? CES is just around the corner.[/me]

I must admit that this looks like it might be something. I’m such a sucker.

The question is, are they going to nail down the specs and even give us a preview, bearing in mind that home automation and control is starting to pick up. Wonder how long before Vera is picked up by Microsoft or dare I say Google?