New IR over WiFi (Orvibo)

Have someone checked the Orvibo Allone?
Its an IR over WiFi device lithe the Broadlink RM2 (Pro):

These things are really only useful for Vera when they have a published API. I also would only use a device that Vera could control directly via the LAN - i.e. without going through an external website. I don’t see evidence of either of these but maybe they are planned.

I agree with Rex, the global cache ip2ir devices already work great with vera.

global cache ip2ir devices are expansive.
This is at better price.

Also, I thought the GC plugin wasn’t supported for ui7?

Do they? Does yours work ok with UI7?

[quote=“ordor, post:4, topic:187044”]global cache ip2ir devices are expansive.
This is at better price.[/quote]

Are they? I didn’t see a price on the link you posted, the Itach ip2ir is $91 on amazon.

Do they? Does yours work ok with UI7?[/quote]

Sorry, still on UI5, didn’t realize the plugin didn’t work in UI7.

As you can see the price is only 35$

I’m new here but I have a number of these devices. They are really great and can be controlled locally, ie, they don’t need the cloud service to operate.
They use UDP to communicate on the local network and a lot of work has already been done to completely reverse engineer their protocols.

Here are some links to the information:

and on the Ninja Blocks forum:

I’m currently trying to decide which HA platform to go with and since Ninja is in some trouble, vera is looking very promising.


Not sure if you guys have seen this, but it seems to have been integrated in ninja blocks
Code available on their git:GitHub - Grayda/ninja-allone: Ninja Blocks driver for the Orvibo AllOne IR blaster