New GE Fan controller

Did i miss this release?

Posting as an FYI for anyone looking for a Leviton alternative.

Yes, you missed it. December 10, 2014

Big problem is no documentation online anywhere. I’d like to see a wiring diagram/details before investing in one.

On another forum I read that the fan control shows up as a dimmer. And approx 1-33% is low, 34-66% is medium, 67-100% is high. I’m unsure how it will appear in Vera but I’m going to buy one and give it a shot.

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This probably works exactly the same as the Leviton fan controller. The leviton shows up as a dimmer as well.

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[quote=“garrettwp, post:5, topic:185454”]This probably works exactly the same as the Leviton fan controller. The leviton shows up as a dimmer as well.

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Yep, sounds exactly the same. I have 4 of the Levitons at home, and all but one works great. Truth is, if you have all GE/Jasco light switches like I do, you might want to think about using the Leviton fan controllers - I know they are more expensive, but it is nice in the dark to know by LED color which switch is the light (GE/Jasco blue) and which is the fan (Leviton green)… Too bad that color isn’t configurable…

If you have to remember which is green and which is blue (guest wont know) how about your remember which is on the right and which is on the left? I always put the main light switch closest to the door. 129.00 for Leviton to 44.00 for GE is a huge difference to pay for a different color light/look.

On a side note anyone know what the load rating is on the GE and does it humm/get hot if its on low speed or anything?

I bought a couple of these and installed them last weekend. They do show up as dimmers in Vera. The blue LED is much smaller on the fan controllers than the ones on the light switches. You can tell by the blinking rate on the switches the fan speed.

The GE device will just control fan speed and not the lights, correct? There is still no option for controlling a single gang fan and light for Vera?

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You can use a Leviton VRCS2 to turn on and off and light and a fan. But I’m sure that’s not what you ment. I actually find it very easy to just switch the box out to a double gang box.

And you won’t have to run any wires if you already have light and fan switch wires coming from the fan.

Your only option is to use the insteon fanlinc device which will require either an ISY controller or altsteon. There are no zwave devices that can control both the fan and light.

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