New GE 45613 Z-Wave Technology 3-Way Dimmer Switch Kit without leads

I recently purchased a few sets of GE 3 Way Dimming Switch Kits, and when they arrived I noticed they are different than the older versions of this kit. This new one did not have leads off the back, but screw terminals.

The main switch also does not have a terminal for Neutral.

I liked the old ones and would use them as a single switch (pitching the auxiliary) because it was a 3 wire switch which solved the flickering when off problems and erratic behavior of the 2-wire versions when used with dimmable florescent and leds.

Has anyone had experience with wiring these new ones up as a single switch? Did you connect the Neutral to anything (Traveler perhaps?).

I just posted in the 3way switch thread that I just received my second set of replacments after testing a single set before swapping out the remainder of my switches.

The good news for me is that these new swtiches work perfectly in locations where the old wired switches would exhibit the flickering and 80% brightness problem.

Overall I was happy enough with my findings to swap out all of mine. The one thing that you may have noticed is the “tape” on the swtich which is only to be removed if you are using the traveler. So, it seems that these switches can be used as single. The documentation has been updated and they show several different ways to wire these up including without using a traveler. As far as I can suggest… I’d wire it just like a nomal swtich and normal switches don’t use neutral, just two terminals each with a black wire, one hot, the other to the load.