New Frustration - SP103 in VERA

I’m making great progress with getting my VERA working the way I want. I have all sorts of scheduled events, notifications, etc., But now I have a NEW frustration; the SP103 Motion Sensor

I finally managed to suss out how to configure the silly think, no thanks to what little documentation anywhere. And I managed to get it so that it will trigger an event as I want. Then I tried installing it on the wall in the room where it will be used and it hasn’t worked properly since.

I have taken it down and I’ve got it on the bench ans i still can’t get it to detect motion more than the first time after it power on. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Pop a battery and reinsert
Trip the Tamper Switch for a second or two
Put it on the mounting base

  • It apparently immediately sends the detected event, turns on the light its supposed to, logs the event as Motion Detected, etc.,
    Then it never detects anything again.

I can get the little man to turn green or red when I flip the tamper switch, I can get it to stay red when I put it back on the wall. And it never trips again.

I have a poll interval of 10 seconds set but that doesn’t appear to make a difference, I’ve had it at 5 and at 16 with the same result. The Wake Up interval is set to 1800 seconds which was the value it took when Vera configured it, haven’t messed with that.

What am I doing wrong?

OOPS, figured it out over lunch ;D I wasn’t waiting long enough for the sensor to acclimate to the room temperature.