New Feature Request

Just got your app yesterday and I think it’s outstanding. I love being able to set up my devices exactly how I think they’ll be the most useful. I have one request for a new feature.

The “buttons” on the home screen only allow you to go to a “control” screen. I’d like the option to go to another “buttons” screen, similar to the home screen. Here’s my reasoning. I’d like one of the home screen buttons to be labeled “Rooms” and go to another screen with buttons for each room (kitchen, office bedroom, etc.). Then, the buttons on the second screen would go to a “control” screen with the devices associated with that room. Right now, my home screen buttons are organized by device type (lights, cameras, doors, etc.). See attachment. It would be nice to have the option to organize by type as well as by location. The home screen buttons could default to go to a “control” screen, but have an option to toggle the screen type to another “button” screen. I realize I could make buttons on the home screen for each individual room, but that would get cluttered up if you have a lot of rooms. My second attachment shows my temporary solution.

Thanks again for the great program. If you need a beta tester, I’d be happy to volunteer. I’m a retired software developer and have created quite a few portable applications for Windows Pocket PC devices and barcode scanners, as well as Windows PCs and websites. My Z-Wave devices include a Trane thermostat, Kwikset door lock, 3 Foscam IP cameras, energy switch, outdoor modules, light switches, receptacles, etc.

Others have requested more “home screen” real estate as well. I’ll add this either in the form you suggested, or as a scrollable home screen.


great we need a barcode supported win phone 7/8 app and a Metro interface as well :slight_smile:

Sure. No problem! I’ll whip one out in a week or so.