New Ezlo Plus Controller to replace Vera Plus

Wow not a great start to the migration to the new Ezlo Plus
I have only added on device and have multiple issues.
Added a Yale lock to the Ezlo from the Vera.
Excluded from Vera and added to Ezlo - that was the easy part.

  1. No device options - the vera had a list of device options that made changes to the lock easy.
    Silent mode (1-3)
    Auto Relock (0-255)
    Relock Time (5 or 255)
    Wrong Code Entry Limit (1-7)
    Radio event reporting (0-255)
    Operation mode (0=normal 1=vacation 2- privacy 3- no rf
    Was told that I needed to add each option manually (I have 3 locks at this location)
    Was told that this would be a Feature Request?

  2. Initially I received an alert on every device change of the lock. Had to disable all alerts to get it to stop.

  3. No ability to create an alert based on PIN entry. (this was easy on Vera).
    Was told that this would be a Feature Request?

  4. Device Yale lock does not show up in the configuration of Preset Modes

  5. No Honeywell Lyric thermostat support. No ETA on feature request.

This was not a great start to my migration. I have lots of devices (19), sensors (7), and scenes (18)
This could be very painful !

Hello @bsouthern
We’d like to help you complete the transition Vera-Ezlo in the most seamless way possible, however, there are some features in your specific needs that have not yet been integrated with our new platform.
As stated:

  1. The default parameters of a device are not automatically shown in the mobile app, yet you have the possibility to create them in a very quick and easy way using the option called “Z-wave settings” under your specific device. In case you need assistance doing this, let support know which parameter you need to add, and as long as the device is fully integrated with our controller, this should work.
  2. We have detected that in some cases, disabling the notifications for a specific type of devices under “Settings > Unit Settings” may not stop the incoming push notifications. We are aware of this and in the meantime, we recommend that you go to your house modes and disable the notifications for the user you do not wish to receive notifications.
  3. Notifications based on a PIN entry can be created using a scene with Activation event: “A PIN code is entered”, then, select the notification as the action. It’s the same principle as the “add notifications for a specific device” in Vera, but we will take your feedback and add this as a feature request in our new platform so that creating a notification for a single device is simpler.
  4. Please contact us on your support ticket as we can achieve this using a virtual device for the time being.
  5. This has been requested by another number of users and will be taken into account as a feature request.

Thanks for your understanding.

This is a critical need driven buy the high cost of this type of device. My 916 Kwikset is not available to trigger any other actions. There is a ticket in for my issue, and I need to make sure you understand how critical this is to many users and how unexpected having this problem is considering what was available on the Vera units.

Hello @Grwebster
I would like to know what’s the ticket number that you have with us in order to find what’s the specific issue you’re experiencing and if we could help you address it somehow.
The following are the events that compatible door locks will be able to Run scenes with:

Looking forward to your response.

My Kwikset 916 is installed as a generic device I believe. Here is my screen capture when I try to use the device to trigger a scene,

Here is the link to the ticket.

Hello @Grwebster,

The problem of the Door lock options unavailable as scene trigger was reported to the developer team, the ticket you shared with was reported for iOS, and the Schlage BE469ZP.

Our team is currently working on this issue, we understand the importance of the problem for all our customers.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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