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it has a link on the top Menu

Will the RFX Com device work on the new Ezla platforms? Probably like many here i use plenty of 433MHz devices under various protocols. They are still the most cost-effective way of achieving simple things. So, I have devices from LightwaveRF, Nexa, Chacon, Byron, etc. While I may replace these in the longer time, it would be a major upfront investment and inconvenience to have to do so immediately, which would prevent/delay me taking the new Ezla platform

No, unless somebody builds a new plugin similar to the current plugin.
@tinman, any ideas on this?

I tried to sign up to receive an Ezlo hub for beta testing but I couldn’t get one. I saw a posting about a sale here: Have I missed an Ezlo sale?
I’d be willing to buy one for the sale price but I’m not buying one at full price. I don’t really need another hub. I’m happy with my Vera Plus and I already have a spare for it.
At this point I’ll wait for the Ezlo firmware to be available for the Vera Plus - hoping that it’s enough like the eventual Ezlo Plus firmware so that the update RFXtrx plugin will work on either.

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@tinman I created that topic. Not sure how google found that price, but based on the discussion in this thread Ezlo Secure is coming, $47.95 is the cheapest that it ever was. From the email that the guy posted it seems that to get the discount your old vera will be disconnected from the service, but that seems to be disputed later on in the thread.

Hey tinman, you can still get the special price if you are the owner of a Vera controller. Our Customer Care team can confirm that for you. And yes, you will still be able to use your old Vera controller, it will not be disconnected from the services. See this reply: Ezlo Secure is coming

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@melih, @sorin, Tinman supports and continues to develop a plugin (Rfxtrx) used by many users. I think it would be a nice gesture to support him by getting him on the free beta test Ezlo Plus program.



Pls go ahead guys.


One of our PM’s will be in contact with Tinman shortly.


Good to hear that. It is more than a nice gesture … it is essential. The RFXTRX ability is a key differentiator for the platform. Which else (other than Zipabox) of the controllers supports this as well as all the other main protocols?

Homey also supports all kinds of 433 mHz devices even without need of RFXcom.
But I fully agree this RFXcom plugin is very important for Vera. I use it myself for many years already on 2 Vera controllers.

I don’t use or like RF 433Mhz devices, however they are out there. Ezlo ideally should of inbuilt a RF 433Mhz radio for use with general RF 433Mhz devices.

The Vera Secure and presumably the Ezlo Secure that work with 2Gig devices, did have the radio but they only ever worked with 2Gig devices to my knowledge.

we are currently building integration with Broadlink product range that includes both IR and RF products.


Yeah Broadlink RM Pro hubs are cool and cheap.

Just make sure while you at it Rene’s most excellent 3rd party Logitech Harmony plugin for Vera gets ported to Ezlo :grin:


Please confirm that custom Lua code is supported in Ezlo Plus, like in Vera Plus.

Not at this moment in time, but it is on their road map.

Hi @echino,

You can write your own plugins using Lua code. See Other than using the Lua language it is nothing like for Vera FW though. It is a whole new beast to learn. Here is an example Much is still lacking though.

Cheers Rene

The latest Android beta app now supports adding Lua code in Scenes as well as sending http requests.

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I hope They add a password for logging to unit locally

Super excited about Ezlo! Was just researching replacement options for my VeraLite. She has served me very well since January/2013 but has been experiencing sporadic issues as of late.


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