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When a dim level change i want to send the dim level value to a http link via scene.

Example http://ip_adress/xyz{dim_level}

The link is not working its for internal use only.

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Format of the HTTP request which can be sent from the scene described here.

We are planning to implement access to values of items as a part of HTTP requests from the scenes
but now you can subscribe to broadcasts with values of device items.

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation.
I still have to get a hub to connect my somfy (bali blinds) shades and danalock smart lock to control4, and me best option was vera. It’s out of stock in Canada and the reseller said it’s going to be replaced.
I was happy when the new ezlo came out, but now I’m worried that I won’t get what I need from it.
I either have to live with the two systems separated or go with something like smart things.
You mentioned the http driver worked with Ezlo, does that mean I might have a chance if I forget about status of the device)?

Yes you need to purchase this driver and you will need to add virtual devices on your control4 system and program each event on the devices. Here CW's IDIOT GUIDE - To Ezlo platform HTTP API commands aka Luup Requests you can see how you can send http commands. Depending on how many devices you have it can be a lot of work… also if you exclude and include some device you will need to program new events because the id of the device will change and the url will change so its not an ideal solution considering that you can’t do the programing by yourself and you need to hire a company to do all the programming. Considering all of this maybe it will be easier to purchase some other controller in the future that can be integrated to control4.

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Hi Melih,

Wow, I am just a regular vera user and was not really expecting any answer to my comment. So thank you for taking the time to answer.

I am not actively posting on the forum but I am a big reader. I have been watching closely the Ezlo development WRT the new controllers along with the software development. Since I am using, zwave and zigbee with several plugin, I am perticularely interested with the Ezlo plus.

I curentely have a Vera plus and I am probably amongst the few out there, that are globally speaking, very satisfy with it. But since it is being phased out, after several years of good service (or not for some), I am in the process of evaluating all my option for the day my “plus” gives up.

You seem to recognize the value that plugin will add to the Ezlo product. The Ezlo plus is out the door (or about to be), ready for prime time but you sill are developping the API which is (one of) the foundation for plugin. At the moment, it is very difficult from where I sit, to know what pluging will be ported on the new platform and which one will not. Many developper are gone, other left and some are watching from a distance. I for one, always found remarquable the work done by these enthousiast spending alot of their time automate and interfacing all these things out there. Like I said before in another post, of course I like free, but I am not against paying a resonable one time fee for specific plugin. It would be nice to see some kind of (monetary) agreement between Ezlo and the developer to encourage them for keeping up the good work in developping and supporting their product. This could be a win/win deel IMO.

I think than a list of all current Vera plugin, with the status stating which one will be ported on Ezlo, would be benificial. I also think that you should take under your umbrella the orphan ones (like the DSC alarm panel for example).

For the moment, I am watching and evaluating all my options. Again, I am just a regular user. I will take the easiest, safest and most stable route.

Sorry for the long email. Hope this help.



Also a user created guide
We already have the API launched.
We are getting few last remaining things behind the scenes as well as a “plug in store”.
I like the idea of “monetary” angle…

The programming language to buiild customize scene in VeraEdge requires medium dev skills. Has it been improved in Ezlo? Is ttere a place where we can have information or preview of how we build scene in Ezlo?

@oleh - the link is not working…

Thanks again for everyone’s response re Control4 driver to Ezlo. I really hope it gets developed again. Talked to a Control4 dealer and he said it’s highly unlikely that Ezlo (Vera) won’t do it as they are getting a ton of customers from this side just because vera (or Ezlo in that matter) cover a variety of Zwave devices and Control4 doesn’t.
Talked to Somfy (ZWave motorized shades) and they said our only link to Control4 is Vera, so it’s weird that they won’t do it…
In any case, I’m gonna get Ezlo Plus, cause it looks amazing and I’ve heard good things about Vera from friends. so Hopefully the Control4 Driver would fit in somewhere in the pipeline too! :smiley:
Happy new year again and congrats on launching Ezlo Plus and Secure.
@Oleh @melih @cw-kid @eonnet

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The Ezlo controllers will run on the current Vera app.

What about the various 3rd party mobile apps? Will these work with the new Ezlo platform, or will we have to implement a completely new protocol?

Nope they won’t work either with the Ezlo platform as its a completely new system and new APIs.

So Imperihome and the rest won’t work with Ezlo hubs.

here is the link:

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Hi @Ashkan, it is in our integration roadmap.


@intveltr, if the third-party UI has open API you can always create a plugin to handle this integration.


Here is the correct link.

I could have written the same thing. Thanks Vezinpi!

Hello! Is there a place where customers can request device integrations for the Ezlo platform? Thanks

it has a link on the top Menu

Will the RFX Com device work on the new Ezla platforms? Probably like many here i use plenty of 433MHz devices under various protocols. They are still the most cost-effective way of achieving simple things. So, I have devices from LightwaveRF, Nexa, Chacon, Byron, etc. While I may replace these in the longer time, it would be a major upfront investment and inconvenience to have to do so immediately, which would prevent/delay me taking the new Ezla platform

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