New EZLO Linux Firmware pre-Alpha starting soon

Thank you!
Ezlo can now control “everything” literally! You can also have “cross control” eg: Siri controlling Alexa etc happening too! (Imagine a scene that has both ezlo and alexa components run by Siri shortcuts! Now Siri is controlling Alexa!)

We have much more innovation coming…much much more! This is only the start!

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Ezlo VOI seems great, but I hope this is not what you meant when you stated you aim to integrate every device on the market?


There are lots of possibilities that come from the Ezlo VOI feature and we are actively working on extending the list of possibilities and making them easier to understand and use, by our end-users.

For example, per your earlier post:

Until we roll out the “group all my controllers” features, you can use Ezlo VOI to as a temporary workaround, to group all controllers you have. You can even group your main controller that still runs the old firmware and is linked to the old cloud to your Vera Edge running the alpha version of the new Linux Firmware.

You need to have the old platform Vera skill enabled, then you can use Ezlo VOI and create a scene in your Vera Edge running the new Linux Firmware, where the VOI command is “Run scene X” or “Turn on light X”.

Using VOI, you can even control smartthings controllers from Ezlo and everything connected to them. You can group any controllers!

we have two initiatives in the company…
integrate whatever you can natively and run whatever you can locally…
Zwave, Zigbee…(we have a some nice things coming up for Wi-Fi devices too in the near future) and so on…(these can be integrated natively and run locally)
integrate whatever you can using cloud and allow users to control them all under one umbrella.


Sounds great! Thank you for clarifying and sharing.

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Hi all,

I’ve posted here the steps to upgrade your Vera Edge to the Ezlo Linux firmware.

Please note that for the users that already have the Ezlo Linux firmware the unit will be automatically updated in the next 24h to the latest version.

We’re waiting for your feedback.


Is there a way to get an Edge here in Europe? The shop seems to just redirect to now. Thanks.


It doesn’t work if you click Buy from ?

Hi @therealdb,

For non-US you will have to find a local vendor. I know in the UK and NL there are a couple, so you might need to look for the shops having other z-wave gear.

Cheers Rene


I’m still running 1.0.13 (uptime is 29 days) so let me know if I need to do anything (e.g. PM credentials for my edge) other than patiently wait.

root@HUB45XXXX42:~# cat /usr/lib/opkg/info/firmware-common-git_version.control
Package: firmware-common-git_version
Version: 1.0.13
Depends:  libc
Section: eZLO Innovation
Architecture: ramips_24kec
Installed-Size: 4432
Description:  	Just firmware-common-git_version package

I was told in the past that you have to order it only from certified vendors, otherwise warranty could not be applied. I got mine from back in the days. I’ll check again.

Hi @therealdb,

Well not sure how the rules are where you are at but here (EU) who ever you buy it from is responsible to handle any warranty claim. If it get hard bricked because of the alpha software it should normally still apply. How would they know. It stopped working al together right?

Cheers Rene

Yep, I know it’s how you describe, and I’ll get it from amazon anyway, since they will cover it directly just in case of problems. Thanks.

anyone know if they are planning on expanding this alpha into the Vera Plus? the specs are almost identical to the Edge (even has a faster processor)?


I just bought a second hand Australian Edge from eBay a few months back.

Before Xmas there were some good opportunities on refurbished units, but only for US… very sad being in EU

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Not sure if this was ever answered, but I am wondering the same thing as I own a Vera Plus. In regards to the upgrade on the Vera Edge, is this upgrade seamless (apart from usual Alpha issues) or does one actually need to rebuild their config from scratch? Are the plugins from the previous version still supported? (Apologies if this is answered elsewhere… perhaps a FAQ would be useful?)

You will be starting from scratch. Same goes for plugins etc unless devs are able to make their own migration path for their own plugins.

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