New device corrupting Vera Plus?

i have noticed strange behavior with my Vera Plus. It has been working in a stable way for quite some time. Today I bought two new socket plugs: NEXA AN-180.

I have had issues connecting these two devices to my Vera Plus but after some tries I succeeded. To my surprise, adding these devices to Vera Plus caused some of my existing devices to disappear! I noticed also that failed attempts to pair these new devices with Vera Plus may also result in existing devices to disappear.

I have done multiple factory resets and restores from backup but am still getting the same problem. Now I can not even pair these devices any more with Vera despite the devices being reset.

Please advise on where to search for the rootcause.

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Welcome. Random guess is you may be suffering from some NAND corruption.

When you do a restore, do all your devices come back, and then go away again when you add the new ones?


When I restore then I get all my devices and scenes back. And then when I again try pairing with these new devices then the problem reappears. I have also realized that I am using very similar devices already (AN-181) albeit from Everpring and they are working just fine.

I am using RFXtrx too and I thought that it may be the cause of the problem but I have just unplugged it from the USB port and am still getting the same problem.


When they disappear, try requesting http://your-vera-ip/port_3480/data_request?id=sdata&output_format=xml (put in your local IP address where indicated), and see if your missing devices and scenes are still listed there. Report back.

Welcome! What is the firmware version you’re running?

I am runninng firmware version 1.7.4001 - according to the GUI it is the latest one.

When they disappear from the list in the GUI, they seem to disappear also from the XML file generated with the link you provided.I am not sure if this is relevant but in the XML file I can also see differences in how the root node looks like.
Here is how it looks when things are OK:
<root full="1" version="*1.7.4001*" model="Sercomm G450" zwave_heal="1" temperature="C" skin="mios" serial_number="myserialnumber" fwd1="" fwd2="" mode="1" ir="0" irtx=""loadtime="1554947417" dataversion="947417942" state="2" comment="RFXtrx: Choose the Serial Port">

And here after the unsuccessful addition of the new devices and when the existing devices are missing:
<root full="1" version="*1.7.4001*" model="Sercomm G450" zwave_heal="1" temperature="C" skin="mios" serial_number="myserialnumber" fwd1="" fwd2="" mode="1" ir="0" irtx=""loadtime="1554959244" dataversion="959244123" state="1" comment="Add/Remove: Node finished>.

I seem to remember reading something about State 1 on the forums a few days ago


I recall that thread as well, and if memory serves, the matter was resolved fairly quickly by Vera Support.

@huckey, are all the disappearing devices of the same device class, or perhaps created by a single plugin?

Either way, I’m betting Vera Support would speed through this issue and have you on your way.

OK, will contact Vera Support. This afternoon after coming home from work I can see a new phenomenon, the diodes on my Vera are blinking i various patterns. Often it is just Service, sometimes Service and Internet and sometimes also the other ones are blinking.

So I guess it is a general issue with my Vera and maybe adding new devices was not the direct rootcause here but just triggered some other problem.

Not good at all. I’m going with nand failure. Just cos it’s fashionable :smiley:

Yeah… This is very fishy… You definitely have some data corruption going on. Could be caused by faulty flash memory as @Catman is suggesting or from a system crash while the data is still being written but normally the vera can recover by using previous user data set. Your vera maybe toast.

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