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As per the title, I got the updated App / Dashboard today on my iPhone and I’m not impressed:


  • It looks nice


  • It ignores existing favorites and requires a total re-config
  • <Removed - not correct>
  • Moving icons around is beyond fiddly and highly error-prone
  • Things like Garage doors now show On/Off instead of Open/Close like they used to.
  • Moving between the Dashboard and the rest of the app is now visually quite jarring
  • There is still no visual indication (eg spinning animation) that the App is syncing device states with the controller

Seriously Guy’s, first we had the great 7.30 FW Catastrorfcuk, now this!! The new App and dashboard are not ready for prime time, it takes away functionality and breaks things that were working just fine. :rage:

Seriously, if HomeSeer does a good job with HS4, you guy’s are going to lose a lot of customers unless things improve dramatically in the next few months.


Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback.
We will review all the issues raised and focus on improving our app ASAP.

I think they pushed it live a bit earlier than they should have. The Siri shortcuts do not show all the scenes only 30.

Ok, so I figured out how to rearrange the Dashboard (thanks for the video Vera) and removed that bit from my List. Im still not thrilled about having to waste 20 mins reconfiguring it after the hours I’ve wasted in the past couple weeks battling the 7.30 FW Charlie Foxtrot.

There are a number of things that still need to be improved:

  • Sort each pane from Left to Right, Top to bottom - this will make sorting much more intuitive, especially in the list view when adding/removing devices
  • Collapse widgets to a single row that have 3 or fewer tiles in them - otherwise you get a lot of wasted space as you see below.
  • Don’t call the default Widget “Devices”, call it “Room” or something generic so it’s obvious you can add more and sort them.
  • make deleting devices etc from the list view easier when you have 40 devices to clear the first time you configure the dashboard it’s painful. You should only need to tap the red button, no need to tap the red button and a confirmation - its not like we are deleting devices from the controller.

Ok, one other area for improvement, it’s less than ideal that you cant see current room temp for Thermostats at a glance anymore. :frowning:


Flagged that earlier :frowning:
Can’t see set point or current temp.

Although on lights there are three indicators of state: On/Off in words, the bulb icon and if the tile is grey or not…


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You have to tap on the thermostat to see anything useful at all

I still use VeraMate, but the new Dashboard is MUCH better than the old. I can almost emulate VeraMate. I echo those wanting to see the temperature of a thermostat.

VeraMate went so far as to use the icon to tell you which mode is was in - blue for cooling mode and red for heating mode. The temperature number was also telling. A red background meant the blower was running, white meant it was idle, black means it is off.

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I’m testing Homewave right now. Will look at Veramate as well.



Veramate was awesome, and still is. I use it everyday. I think the new Vera app though is going in the right direction. Hope they fix the Siri shortcuts limit soon!

Why do some of you have so many scenes?
I Don’t get it…
Don’t you have automations on your stuff? Or do you not use Reactor or pleg for automations?

I very rarely use my real Buttons on the walls.
Everthing is automated with Reactor .

And scenes i have one i use frequently that i use for movitime lights.

What do you use scenes for?

/ Mattias

Lots of us only found Reactor recently, and there is a school of thought that as an HA product Vera should be able to do it out of the box…

My scene count is dropping rapidly. Just hope my heating comes on tomorrow morning :smiley:

Also, just realised a whole load of other scenes can go as well, but will need to be replaced with virtual switches so maybe not that much of a benefit


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I had allt of scenes before with pleg but with Reactor the scenes droppes out.

The motto is to never have to Touch a light switch ,everything just flows ”behind the scene”

But now om sittning with a crash VP so stoneage @ home no​:joy::joy:

Support please hurra up!:smiley:

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Not sure I can get to a place where I never touch a switch. How do you determine when to turn your lights on / off?

I could never get PLEG to work :slight_smile:


I discovered that a bunch of scenes long deleted off my VPlus are available to select in the scenes list of the new dashboard!! Obviously, they’re stuck somewhere on the machine or in Vera’s cloud. They’re not selectable in the old UI scene list, so some sort of issue here.

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Hmm interesting. I saw some old scenes in my logs today.

Can’t see them in my Dashboard however


Ahh the magic of having out sync device mirror in the cloud server…

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Me too as it’d be great to get Siri to open the garage when I’m halfway down the street. I setup the shortcuts but they fail ATM unfortunately.

I use reactor, at last count I had over 30 reactor logic sensors.

I mainly use the app to check on things. Most of our house is controlled by Alexa or the physical wall switches which are mostly momentary switches with Aeotec zwave modules begins them.

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Oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only IT guy that found PLEG to be user hostile! Reactor was an absolute god send!

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