New command: Disable/enable event

If it is a command to disable/enable events from other events, it would be possible to have a thermostat to control the temperature during daytime, and turn off the heating systems during night, so the temperature event doesn’t turn the heating on off

0700: turn on heat
0701: turn on temperature event(s)/termostat that turns the heat on off during the day
2300: turn off temperature events /termostat
2301: turn off heat

For the moment you can’t make an event to work between certain hours or disable it from other events, but the event it’s related to a scene that does the commands, so you can add an event that reacts to a Scene.

Event type: A Scene is Activated.

I didnt understand that :-[. Can I actually achieve that the heaters is reacting to a tempsensor during day and is turned off during night.

When is a scene activated? Is it when one of the events is triggered?

A scene is a set of commands.
The SCENE can be activated manually, by clicking it’s GO button, or automatically at a certain date/time by adding a TIMER to it or activated when something happens by adding an EVENT to it.