New Alexa Beta No Longer Has Access to Modes?

Been part of the beta program for a while now and overall really liking the Alexa integration, not great, but good for my needs. Prior to today’s upgrade (7.0.20b Beta Software Update) Alexa had access to Vera’s modes. So I could say “Alexa turn on Night Mode” and it would change Vera to that mode. The new release seems to have taken that access away. Is this intentional (they did mention “Improved security” in the release) or a bug? Is anyone else experiencing this?


I am experiencing the same problem.

What is the command to change modes?

Hello guys,

House modes is part of the Secure Skill and has been completely removed and it will be introduced at a later date, when Secure Skill will be available.

Secure Skill will handle security devices like sensors, locks, garage doors, etc.

I hope this will be introduced again soon as this was the most used function on my system…


Thanks for the reply. Agree with mbenzo though, this was by far my most used feature of the Alexa integration.

The “house modes plugin” seems to still be OK (for me). Install that, and then use a scene to set the mode.


Simple work around:

Create a scene called “night mode”, make it manually triggered, and add the following luup code to be executed:

if (luup.attr_get ('Mode', 0) == '1') then luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1","SetHouseMode", {Mode = 3}, 0) end

The if statement is optional, but I would not want someone to be able to change a house mode from a secure to less secure state using just their voice.

When selecting devices in there is two House Modes available in between all the scenes, House Mode 1 and House Mode 3, which should correspond to Home mode and Night mode.

I have tried to include both ,and given them custom device name Home and Night.

Alexa recognises both, but responds that the device is not responding…

I have to try one of the other solutions.


Created two manually triggered scenes named Night and Home that turns the House Modes plugin to the correct state.
This works!


[quote=“mbenzno, post:10, topic:195369”]Created two manually triggered scenes named Night and Home that turns the House Modes plugin to the correct state.
This works![/quote]


Hi guys,

To clear things up. This is not something that we wildly decided to remove, to the annoyance of our customers.

For Alexa, to be able to control security enabled devices and to be compliant, Amazon API requires a skill with a voice activated PIN code, which is not possible with the current Skill. This is something we?ll have to work on. We will have to create a new Skill to enable this functionality.

Thanks John. I think putting these changes/reasons in the release notes would really help clear things up.

I agree, and will surely give a heads up to the designated team.

Considering my Vera fires off specific scenes that arm and disarm sensors etc based on home mode I’d prefer this to require a PIN to prevent unauthorized use.