Netmon setup

Does anyone have a link to setup instructions for netmon?

some questions:
Do I use this to monitor the presence of cell phones? (indicating if someone is in the house)
Do I need to give the cell phones static IP addresses?
What information do I enter where in the add-on?

(not specific to netmon)
Does anyone have examples of using this with motion and door sensors to improve accuracy?
Does anyone have a list of tips, lessons learned, and good design practices for such presence detection

Hi Edward,

Here is the github link for Netmon:

Unfortunately it does not have instructions on how to actually use the plugin, which I’ve found is too often the case with reference material for plugins.

Luckily for us, most plugins work fairly similarly.

  1. Install the plugin from the Apps>Install Apps side bar link in vera.
  2. Go to apps>my apps>Netmon and click “create device”
  3. Go to Devices and click on the newly created device.
  4. I recommend creating a new room for the netmon device as all IPs you wish to monitor will have child devices in the same room.
  5. Click on the new device and go to Settings.
  6. Add the name and ip address of the device you wish to monitor. (Yes you must assign static IP address to all monitored devices).
  7. The max poll rate will cycle through each device. So if it is set to 10 seconds and you have 6 devices, each device will be polled once every 60 seconds.
  8. Click Save and Reload.
  9. Go back to devices and you should now see motion sensors labelled as you labelled them in the netmon parent device.
  10. Tripped means - not able to ping. Untripped means - able to ping.

I’ve noticed that newly added IPs don’t always show up immediately so after adding devices you can:

  1. Do a luup reload by going to apps>developer apps>test luup code
  2. Type luup.reload() then click go.
  3. After you get the “successful” prompt, do a hard refresh of your browser. Command + r on a mac. Ctrl+F5 on a PC (For firefox anyway, not 100% if thats true for all browsers).
  4. Then you should see all the new sensors.

I am using this in combination with motion sensors to trigger or untrigger devices. I recommend the Reactor plugin for most IFFT logic.

I’m still trying to figure out if this works well with cell phones…It was showing untripped for me for a while, but then noticed it went untripped (even though my phone is still connected). My guess would be if I am using my phone while it gets polled, the sensor will go untripped. If it’s in standby mode (like in my pocket), it will go tripped when next polled.

…sorry can’t help more.

Hopefully this gets you started. Cheers!

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