NEO Coolcam wall switches

Has anyone been able to use the amazingly sleek NEO Coolcam wall switches?

They look absolutely spectacular. I have ordered one on AliExpress but it will take a few weeks to arrive stateside. I am curious if anyone has tried them as they look better than anything in the market today

I have attached a picture

It is in the offer of some reseller in my country (EU version) and according to them it works with Vera.
I’ve never used it so I won’t give you any info about “user experience” with it.

HI, Did you manage to get this unit to work ok.
I have just received mine but it will only register as ONE appliance module and I am unable to get it to add the second channel.

HI, I have two of these 2 channel switches on my veraedge network.
I could not get them to work with my veralite so I upgraded.
They are very impressive and work brilliantly. I do not have anything connected to them
I use them to trip different scenes. I have printed some labels to cover the annoying logo
and make them more user friendly.

Also you can now buy them on Amazon UK