Need to Restart Vera?

Hello All,

Weird issue with my Vera last night. I have a scene attached to a Minimote that shuts off all my house lights. Went to do this late last night, and nothing would work. Wouldn’t work on my phone through Autohomation.

Finally figured out that my Z-wave stuff was off. And not working. My Hue’s were working with everything.

Being the tech genius I am, I went and unplugged my Vera, and replugged it. After the song and dance it worked fine.

Is this something I should expect to do occasionally? Honestly it probably hadn’t been restarted in at least 6 months. Just the normal routine when updating stuff.

Sorry if this is already here. I searched, but it was vague enough that I didn’t see anything real relevant.

No one else has had to restart their Vera to get the z-wave function to work?

It’s concerning, because it was late at night and just affected me. But something like this could really reduce the WAF

I had something like this happen several months ago, after switching to a Vera 3 ironically. For me, tech support recommended that I turn off nightly heals. Lots of forum chatter on if that’s a good idea or not, but it worked for me.

The answer is that it depends. There are a few people who report frequently having this sort of problem with their Vera. But, there are lots of others on this forum that never have this problem and there are many fold more that never visit the forum because they simply don’t have any issues. Even in your case, having been a Vera user and a member of this forum for the last two years, you present this issue like it is the first time you have had it. So, it seems very rare in your case.

I’d say, see if it happens again. If it only happens every couple of years, I wouldn’t worry about it. But, if it becomes a frequent problem, then I’d put some effort into figuring out what’s wrong or calling technical support.

Thanks guys. I’m going to great lengths to increase the HA experience. Tablets, more intelligent automation (less buttons).

And then this happened which made me second guess this all!

I’ll keep my eyes out and see if it happens again. :slight_smile: